9 févr. 2013

100 crypts - No one really know the solutions xD

Hi everyone :p

Here I revel more solution for 100 crypts! with explanations!

I just want to create this thread because lot of people review solution on YouTube & different blogs without knowing the real solutions sometimes!

They just find one and say yes this is this one

And everyone do exactly the same without knowing the reason!

Why am I saying that?

Go to 100 crypts level 34

Everyone say 2 different things:

55 135 and 33 113 is working!

But do you really know the real solution?

Do you know that
11 011
22 022
22 102
33 113
33 033
44 124
55 135
66 146
77 157
88 168
99 179

are also working?

So what is the real solution?

I have found that this recombination: XX 1 X-2 X is always working but for some others I don't know!

Go to 100 crypts level 35

search on the web and everyon say press: ODEKRS... okay have you try something else?
NO and look at that: it works, I have press C and A? Why? the solution is ODEKRS?
And if I don't press D?

SAKROS ohhh it works!
KRSAOS it works too!
STROAS is an other solution

So what is the real solution?

I don't know, but I can say that you don't know too! I just know that the solution must finish with S and S is the key!

ANY Comment? :p

videos are coming ;)