12 avr. 2013

World Wide Contest - By Flow - Part 1 (Choose your articles)


Hi everyone and welcome to my Second contest game!!

THIS IS A WORLDWIDE CONTEST, from everywhere on the planet :)

I am so proud to be that! I am so grateful to people following me, that's why I am organizing this special contest!!

First of all I want to thanks my partner: MobileFun

1st Part (Started on 19th March):

Only one comment for each person. Each comment is also a subscription.

2nd Part:

Continue to subscribe!

To get more chances to win:

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- Like my Facebook Page (1app4me) and befriend with me

I will check everyone ;)

You can start to like now :D

Participate: 1 chance, + Subscribe 2 chances, + MobileFun Fb 3 chances, +My Fb 4 chances

The articles will be selected next week :)

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Flow - 1app4me

*Full rules

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