22 août 2013

Youtube 5.0 - Presentation

Hi everyone

Today I introduce you the new YouTube application, YouTube 5.0!

Let's Go!

On the first screen you get the recommanded videos depending your location area and what you search and use with your phone.
Then you can make a search for example I searched Flow Wolf and sort by channels.

Once on my channel I selected a video and play it.

During the video you can change lot of things.
The quality with the 3 dots upper right.
The share button also to send the url youtube link.
With the array on the left you can miniaturize the video and continue to watch it using YouTube.

Here you see the video running on the bottom part and I continue to use YouTube

If yo slide up the video icon it come back on the screen.

If you slide it left you close the video.

The left part to sign in and use the channel is still working!

Enjoy your new YouTube App!