16 oct. 2013

FIFA 14 - GamePlay

Hi everyone,

Let's go to discover what FiFa 14 for Android is about Graphism & GamePlay!

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Just go & Play

Before the match you can see your team and on the match you can change what you want & change players if you want.

You have two different way to play, con touch on the screen or with control as on the picture just over there.

At the end of the match you get details and can see facts & events!

When you get a free kick you have to press the ball and shoot up :D

You can use replay and select the view you want!

Here are some screenshot from the replay & other view on the game!
Press pictures go the it bigger!

You also get tutorials before the match and you can pass it. Tutorials are also during the match on accurate actions.

Here is a replay on the STADE VELODROME, I bought it for my SQUAD

When you sprint, a red circle appear under your player.