16 oct. 2013

StickMan - Top Android HD Games


I agree, maybe StickMan DownHill is not one of the top 5 best Android HD Games, but the team developped lot of StickMan games and they all are so cool, so let's go to discover some StickMan games which are all together on the Top 5!

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With StickMan DownHill discover different background and lot of levels to use your bikes as you can to finish the race and cross the final line without fall & die!

Rotate your phone to move your body.

Let's go to race!!!

With StickMan Tennis, discover an amazing game of Tennis, my favourite.

Move your stickman on the ground, choose to smatch, or other kind on hit and destroy your opponent.
This game is so funny!

StickMan is also a skiing people! you have to ski over the ground and not die. As on bike, this game will give you lot of fun!

Line Runner 2 is an other kind of game for StickMan, now you have to run, jump or roll on the ground to skirt the different barrier. Easy & funny :D

StickMan Wingsuit offer you the possibilty to fly behind the mountains & recolt golds & stars without crashing on the ground or at the top!

Let's Go!

Discover all StickMan Games!!