16 oct. 2013

Asphalt 8 - Top Android HD Games

Let's go to RACE on the most amazing racing game on Android!

HD Game, with so many cars & so many races that you will never finish it!

Asphalt 8, is for me the most amazing Racing game on Android & iPhone!

Other things about Asphalt 8: (click to go)

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Throw different country & backgroud, discover so many races all more amazing each others!
Drift on Venice street, Jump on Tokyo avenues, made KnockDown on FrenchGuiana field & Iceland Deserts, Flat Spins on the alps, rolls on the Nevada and so many other stuff to do!

Buy them & race always faster!

Throw 8 seasons unlock races by recolting stars & finishing challenges!

Discover the way to race & finish challenge before races!



Improve your speed!

232 km/h

324 km/h


Then go back to reality with smaller cars ;)

On the game you get 5 different car classes:
D, C, B, A & S for Special!

With Special car you can go other 450 km/h

Thos are on game screenshots!
You can switch the camera to get a view from the ground.


KnockDown other cars!

When the race is finish you improve your level & win some coins. Depending your place & other things you have done during the race!

The most challenge you succeed the most money you earn!

ADMIRE Replay!

Click on picture to see the real size!

Go on the menu & on your profile to compare with friends and know what are your Stats!

Send me your records!