18 nov. 2013

Asphalt 8 - How Gameloft Kill an amazing game with an update!

Asphalt 8, Yes, you know...

This amazing racing game released by Gameloft every year!? As every time, this one was a paying game, and as every year, this one was amazing!
Unfortunately, Gameloft changed its policy to earn money... As if 1$ for a game was not enough cheap to get lot of players...

The 4th November, Asphalt 8 became free with a new update which destroy all games to players who already paid... As me!!!

On this video I will show you how to play with the updated version and the paid version, when the buttons are not working and you can only access to social, facebook & google. But this solution is not THE solution, because this is not a fix, this is a way to play waiting the update! ASAP I hope


The game was 1$, he worked perfectly.

Since the update, the game became free, cool... but what do people who paid could expect??? A game which not work anymore...

Curently, the update for people who get a profile on the paying version can't work online, you must close all data connection to play... OFF-LINE... What amazing news!!!... :'(

Moreover adds are on games for everyone, even people who paid...
Moreover (2), we get less money and to get more, we must PAY some stuff... thanks to get us paying again and again!!

Gameloft made amazing game, and I loved it, but now they changed their policy!

I would like to ask you something about Asphalt 8, to help people who already paid:

- FIX the game, to be able to play online!
- Remove adds to people who paid
- Let us play and not pay!
- Do that fast, already 2 weeks that we can't race!!! this is too much!

Thanks for reading.