23 févr. 2014

MP5 - GameBoy Advance & NES cheap game console

Hi everyone!
Today I want to show you this MP5 I tested!
This console is as a PSP but so much cheaper! I get it for 20€ on Everbuying.
With it you can read videos, take pictures, play music, and also play games available on GameBoy Advance & NES. It's so easy!

Let's discover it!

 This MP5 get:
- 4.3 inch TFT Screen
- 4GB of internal memory
- SD Card Slot to get more memory (but 4 is lot of efficient for gaming)
- Speakers
- Micro
- 1MP Camera

 On the back side of the product you discover speakers and you aso get the slots for headphones, usb to connect to a computer & a TV Output. On the bottom part you get the sd slot.
This cheap console allow you to play games, listen to music, see pictures, watch videos, take pictures, listen to radio. You also get some tools as calculator, alarm...
The explorer is useful to found files on the device.
The consol is deliver with 10-12 games. You can download more for free on: freeroms.com. Available format files to play are NES & GBA.
Each file is very low, max 1-2MB and you get 4 GB so you could use up to 2 000 games! Isn't that enough?

Seriously this console game is amazing for people wanting to play old games or to offer to children to play correct games and not play on violent game we could found today on our PS4 for example.

There you can see the explorer and some games I downloaded!

If you already played to Super Mario Bros, those pictures should remind you some stuff :p

Would you like to get it? The website is: EverBuying!

What was you favorite game on NES or GBA?

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